Help your child learn about investing

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Security for you and your child

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€500 000 Protection

Thanks to SIPC insurance and the EU guarantee fund, you have the highest deposit protection in the region: $500K/user.

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You own everything

Through Birdwingo you own all shares, even fractional ones, in your name. Did you think that was always the case? Spoiler - it isn't.

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Licensed & regulated

We comply with all applicable legislation in both Europe and the USA. We are supervised by the National Bank of Slovakia as well as the US regulator FINRA.

Interactive Lessons on Investing & Money

Gift your teen a future of financial freedom. With Birdwingo, you empower them with investing skills, ensuring they're prepared for the financial challenges ahead.

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Investing Accounts for Teens

Real Investing from 1€

You and your child can invest in 11.000+ fractional shares & ETFs.

Flexible Funding

Both you & your child can fund the account with an instant bank transfer.

Parental Controls

Oversee your child's financial journey & set restrictions as you prefer.

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Kids earn 4% APR on savings

Encourage your children to develop financial skills and earn rewards every time they save money in their account.

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Personalised portfolios

Personalised portfolio for your child where they can regularly save money for the long-term.

Expertise from NYC

Powered by advanced tech & crafted by New York's top financial experts.

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